In a shocking move by J&K government, new substitutes have been introduced in 226(2) Article of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Service Regulations. The order issued by the Finance Department states that any J&K government employee can be retired any time after completing 22 years of qualifying service or attaining 48 years of age with a 3-month notice.

This revision in the order gives government power to retire employees at any time after an employee has attained the age of 48 years or completed 22 years of service in the public interest.

"There is also no bar on the Government to review any such case again where it was decided earlier to retain the officer, but the Administrative Department is of the opinion that it is expedient to undertake the review again on account of changed circumstances, in public interest."

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The retiring government official under the revised order will be granted pensionary benefits admissible under these rules, the order said.

"A Government servant who is retired immediately after allowing him pay and allowances in lieu notice will be entitled to pension from the date of such retirement and the pension shall not be deferred till after the expiry of the three months for which he is paid pay and allowances," the order reads.

Below is the full order copy: