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Jason Momoa has been busy of late with his new show, Frontier, airing on Netflix and his preparation for upcoming Justice League movie, where he plays Aquaman.

Promoting his new Netflix show and to talk about Aquaman, Momoa appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! revealing that he and Aquaman have one thing in common, their love for beer.

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This was revealed after Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know if Aquaman also enjoyed a pint of beer.

"I noticed you had a Guinness before the show. Does Aquaman drink beer too?" questioned Kimmel. "Of course, yeah, absolutely. He is half human and is obviously half Atlantean. So the human side likes beer," Momoa replied.

"But he can't drink beer under water or can he? That would be amazing," Kimmel shared.

Momoa walked into the show in his Aquaman avatar. Talking about the movie, the actor revealed that he had kept the secret that he was playing the comic hero for five years.

"They [producers] wanted it to be a secret. But I told my friends. I told them [the filmmakers] I wouldn't say anything, but I am bad at keeping secrets. I buy presents for my wife and I am just like "Just open it now. I know it's for Christmas but it is too far away so open it now," Momoa said.

It has been over a week now since Frontier released and Momoa's character, Declan Harp, has been the talk of the town ever since.

The tall, well-built actor plays part-Irish, part-Native American trapper, whose prime motive is revenge against Lord Benton of the Hudson Bay Company.

"It's basically me, wrapped in a fur coat, killing a bunch of English people," Momoa sums up.

The actor seems to have taken his 1700s role way to seriously as he revealed that he made his own axes. Bringing a few to Kimmel's show to exhibit his axe-throwing skills, the actor confessed: "These are my axes from home. I started making them."

Giving one to Kimmel, Momoa showed the axe had his tattoo on it. He sure seems like a dedicated actor. Watch the entire interview here:

You can watch Frontier online on Netflix. Justice League, featuring Aquaman, will be in theaters November 17. The stand alone Aquaman film is scheduled for 2018.