Jason Momoa is more than a good looking hunk. His role in Game of Thrones is a case in point. The Hawaiian actor is now making an even stronger case with the new Netflix show, Frontier. However, unlike GoT, the Frontier audience won't get a glimpse of his sculpted frame as he comes cloaked in a fur. Set in the 1700s, Frontier revolves around the fur trading business in Canada.

The geopolitical trade conflicts in the region drive the storyline.

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Frontier sees a blood-thirsty half-Irish half-native Declan Harp trying to cartelise local fur traders to fight the imperial Britain's Hudson's Bay Company. While saving local trade is his declared mission, Harp- played by Momoa- also harbours ulterior motives with regard to Hudson's Bay's leader, Lord Benton. Harp used to work for the company before he went against them following the killings of his wife and son. Now, he seeks to avenge their murder.

The first three episodes introduce the characters of the show, and might seem a drag as you try to wrap your head around different perspectives in offing. However, the series really takes off with the fourth episode and keeps you hooked thereafter. 

Apart from Harp, another key character is Michael Smyth- a London based thug who runs into Benton. Smyth is asked to locate Harp for Benton, in return of his girlfriend, who is taken under custody by the British troops. Harp's close friend, Grace Emberly, who wishes to enter the fur trade, also plays an important role.

The rugged set up, politics and the ruthless killings will remind you of Game of Thrones and also at times the Oscar winner, 'The Revenant', thanks to the storyline. Harp is married to a woman from another tribe, just like Leonardo DiCaprio in Revenant.

Juggling between European, Canadian and British lands, the creators wind back the clock and take you to the trading scene of the 16th century. The story of Harp drops a hint or two on the class system of the erstwhile world. In one particular scene, Smyth is seen talking about having a life with his girlfriend where they can sit and eat oranges- A true Martin Luther King moment. 

If you are into Game of Thrones, you should not miss this series. Momoa's acting is fantastic, to say the least, and the way the story- with its subplots and political innuendos- unfurl is refreshingly different. All the episodes are available on Netflix.