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Former WWE wrestler Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart passed away after suffering a seizure inside his home in Florida on Monday, August 13.

Neidhart's wife, Elizabeth told investigators that he had difficulty sleeping at night following which he decided to change the thermostat. However, he had a seizure while changing it and later banged his head to the floor, TMZ reported.

Elizabeth soon called 911 thinking that Neidhart's seizure had relapsed. His last seizure happened in December 2017 and he had been taking medication for it since then. The doctors suspected that Neidhart may also have Alzheimer's.

Pasco Sheriff's Office told TMZ Sports that the wrestler had hit his head when he fell down and that was the cause of his death.  No more information was issued by police.

The American wrestler was best known from the period between 1980s and 1990s. He was trained by legendary Stu Hart in Canada. Neidhart and Bret "Hit Man" Hart, brother-in-law, were one of the best tag team wrestlers who went on to build the "Hart Foundation."  

During his professional years as a wrestler, Neidhart won two world tag-team championships. Before becoming a wrestler, he had played for the National Football League.

Neidhart had married Bret's sister Elizabeth and they became the parents for three daughters. Natalya, one of the Neidhart's daughter,  is now a professional wrestler at WWE and has also won the women's championship title.

Bret shared a throwback photo of himself and Neidhart and said he was speechless after hearing the news.

After listening to the news, many wrestlers from WWE have tweeted about their grief and condolences to the family.