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A 20-year-old woman was brutally stabbed by a man in Mangaluru district of Karnataka on Friday after which the culprit tried to commit suicide.

The woman has been identified as Deeksha and was returning to her home from college around 4.30 pm when the incident took place. A video of the incident captured by a person near the area shows the youth carrying a knife walking across a street near Deralakatte area of the district. The youth, identified as Sushant (22) then goes to Deeksha, who is walking on the road and has a heated argument over some issue. He then stabs the woman multiple times on her stomach and when the people start to gather the youth slits his own throat.

According to the police, both of them were shifted to KS Hegde Medical College are in critical condition and are being treated at a hospital. The primary investigation reveals that it is a case of unrequited love.

Despite a public outcry, the attacker who attempted suicide repeatedly kept stabbing the girl even as several people asked him to stop. The ambulance staff were able to overpower him and take away the knife.