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Sooraj Pancholi, who is presently in police custody on charges of abetting suicide of Jiah Khan, has confessed to have physically abused the actress eight months ago, claimed police.

The 22-year-old son of actor Aditya Pancholi reportedly admitted that he hit the young starlet in Goa in a drunken state. This had apparently led the actress to slit her wrist, in her first suicide attempt.

Based on Sooraj's statements, police may further book him under charges of harassment and torture.

Meanwhile, police have found Jiah's medical report of abortion from a Juhu hospital.

"The pregnancy was not terminated through pills. We have sent summons to the doctor who performed the surgery as well as Jiah's friends who knew about it," Chhering Dorje, Deputy Commissioner of Police, told Indian Express.

"A day before Jiah's death, the couple stayed over at Sooraj's Juhu residence," he added.

Coming to her son's defence, Sooraj's mother Zarina Wahab told DNA, "My son did not meet Jiah on the day she died."

Wahab also disclaimed police reports that Sooraj had confessed to have been in a year long live-in relationship with the British-Indian actress.

Jiah's mother Rabiya Khan lashed out on Twitter saying, "I have evidences how Suraj use to hit and abuse my child I have his confession where he admits that he did because he was drunk."
"My daughter had bruise on her jaw she was hit badly that pushed her to the end path I wish I was there. How dare he hit her."

A war of words broke between the Pancholi and Khan clans as Zarina retaliated that Jiah was "using" her son and was trying to "wreck" his professional life, reported India TV. 

The enraged mother went on to allege that Rabiya was trying to "frame" her son and questioned the authenticity of Jiah's six-page note. She also pointed out that the language used in the letters indicated the emotional and vulnerable state of the actress.

In another turnaround, Rabiya told Newsline that she was being pressurised from the film fraternity to drop the case. "I will inform police about these threats," she said.