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As skeletons kept tumbling out of Jiah Khan suicide case, five more letters allegedly written by the late actress were discovered from Sooraj Pancholi's residence on Tuesday.

Just days after Jiah's shocking six-page note written was found by the family, Mumbai police have uncovered five more letters exchanged between Sooraj Pancholi and the deceased actress.

However, police officials haven't made the contents of the letters public yet which were found during a search operation at the Pancholi residence.

The police are also awaiting the medical records of the alleged abortion which Jiah mentioned in her letter.

"It is there in the suicide note, but then till the time it is not corroborated, we can't do anything. We are waiting for the hospital report where she was treated. Till the time we get this, we can't say anything. We have got to know where she was treated, so the report will also come," a police officer told reporters.

Efforts were on to crack the deceased's phone password which could further provide crucial messsges and aide the investigation.

Meanwhile, Rabiya, Jiah's mother broke down in an interview to CNN IBN, alleging that Sooraj's abusive ways had led to the actress' death.

"He hit my daughter. He tortured her. I saw bruises on her body. I saw the pain and humiliation she must have gone through. The evidence is with the police. She did not have any emptiness in her life. I am angry. I am in pain,"

"Sooraj knew what he wanted in the relationship and was getting it. She wasn't getting what she wanted. He wanted her at his convenience," she added.

Rabiya had also told the police that Sooraj had sent the 25-yaer-old a 'break-up' bouquet and hit her, which police believe might have led the actress to take the extreme step.

While, Sooraj, who was remanded to judicial custody till 13 June, was seen with his mother Zarina Wanhab for the first time on Monday.

Wahab, who was present on Tuesday for her 22-yaer-old's court hearing, finally broke her long silence and spoke to media.

"Let Jiah's mother say what she wants to. The truth will come out. I will say one thing. I am a mother too. And the mother of a daughter. I know the pain that Jiah's mother is going through. But I also know my son. I know what he's capable of doing. And the behaviour that I hear being attributed to him is not like my son at all," Daily News Analysis quoted Zarina as saying, 

"Obviously we didn't anticipate how important it was for some people to make a villain out of him. We know Sooraj. And let me tell you, he is the best son any mother can hope for. If I've another life I'd want Sooraj as my son."

It seems Wahab stepped up for Sooraj after husband Aditya Pancholi garnered negative publicity after getting into media scuffle and releasing mindless statements.

In a related news, director Ram Gopal Verma released a video from her debut film 'Nishabd' titled 'The Real and Reality of Jiah' as a tribute to the late actress and his protégé.