After being coerced by Naxals to leave their homes, villagers at Gurabanda in Jharkhand, fear to return due to persistent threats by the ultras. Scores of farmers left their village after they were threatened, their houses were demolished and farmlands were captured by Naxals.

"Naxals demolished my house in 2004, they even tried to kill me. To save my family I moved out of that village and now we do not have any permanent place to live in.

We have our own farmland still we work on others," said a man displaced from his village.

When asked if the Naxals consider themselves as supporters of villagers, one of the locals said that "They killed 65-70 people, how do we believe that they wouldn't kill us?"
The police have, however, refuted the presence of Naxals in the area.

"There are no Naxal in that area, but if villagers are afraid they can come to us and we will help. The villagers can easily move back to their homes," the police said.

Even the Member of Parliament from the constituency, Bidyut Baran Mahato, said that the area was under the red zone, but now the situation is better.

He added that roads have been constructed in the area for the betterment of transportation services.