The Season 4 of Pamela Eells O'Connell's Disney show 'Jessie' started off with a massive African journey, filled with several revelations. The rest of the episodes have also been following the drift, giving its audience treats after treats and the forthcoming episode 18 will also follow the trend with an exciting Halloween party.

Marking the fourth Halloween episode in the series, episode 18 – "The Ghostest with the Mostest" -will see yet another thrilling story unfold.

According to the official synopsis, the Ross kids along with Stuart get an invitation to the "Central Park Spooktacular" Halloween party. However, the fun soon turns into a nightmare when Stuart tells them about Abigail, a ghost in the loose who takes children one after another.

Soon the Ross Kids – Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri, become the victim of a high-tech haunting scare. They get videos of Abigail stealthily entering houses en route to her victims and are pretty certain that she will soon come for them as well.

The interesting twist comes in the form of a masked man in the party, who will be suspected for having a connection with the videos. And even before they know it, the kids will start to disappear.

Meanwhile, Jessie goes to a masquerade party where she meets and develops a soft corner for a mysterious boy, but as usual, the entire responsibility of solving the Abigail mystery and finding the kids fall on Jessie's shoulders.

To make the  episode all the more exciting, Disney stars Austin North and Sarah Gilman from "I Didn't Do It" will also be seen portraying their original characters Logan Watson and Delia Delfano, respectively.

Watch season 4 episode 18 of "Jessie" at 8 pm (EST) on Friday, 2 October on Disney Channel.