• Yo Bitch App
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  • Yo Bitch App
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Aaron Paul, best known for his role of "Jesse Pinkman" on AMC's hit serial "Breaking Bad," reportedly launched his own messenger app called "Yo Bi**h" on iTunes this weekend.

Paul announced the app on Twitter, posting a link to the iTunes page of his app.

"Yo Bitch!! To everyone that has ever asked me to call them a bitch, here you go. It's an App Bitch! Happy Holidays," he tweeted.

The app is currently only available for the iOS but will soon be made available on android platforms too. The android version is set to hit stores early 2015.

YB - short for "Yo Bi**h" - is a fun instant messaging app that lets the user send messages in typical "Jesse Pinkman" style.

Once you have downloaded the app and open it, you get a welcome message from Aaron Paul that says:

"Yo Bi**h, Thank you for downloading this app. This is meant to be fun and we can have fun with this, Just don't get your friends fired."

It's signed "Your pal" with a digital signature of Aaron Paul beneath it. Also, Aaron Paul is automatically added to your friend list in the app.

As for what you can do with the app:

- Send and receive messages in Aaron Paul's voice

- Unlock extra phrases to send.

- Participate in contests with Aaron to win phrase packs.

- Find your friends using your contacts.

- iOS 8 interactive notifications!

Celebrity apps have become a trend. More recently, Taylor Swift released her "Blank Space Experience," an app that lets the user explore Swift's "Blank Space" music video on a real-time 3D basis.

Kim Kardashian's Hollywood app has also landed her on Time magazine's most influential "fictional" character list.