Jennifer Lawrence
Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" world movie premiere in New York.Reuters

Things between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are reportedly heating up and the actress has now started talking about settling down with the Coldplay frontman, according to a new report.

"Jen is talking engagement, babies, the whole nine yards," a source told OK! magazine in its 20 October issue, the cover of which reads 'I'm Having Chris' Baby.'

"[Jen would] love to have a little girl. She's been totally swept off her feet by Chris and is convinced they've got what it takes to go all the way," the source added.

The magazine also claims that Martin will pop the question to Lawrence as soon as his divorce with Gwyneth Paltrow is finalised, and the new couple is actively scouting houses in Los Angeles to move in together.

News of a possible romance between Lawrence and Martin broke in August, when the couple was spotted in deep conversation at an after-party.

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop has refuted these claims, stating that the story is completely made up, and a source close to the situation told the website that there is no truth to the pregnancy and marriage talks.

"It's ridiculous," the source told the outlet.

Previously, a Radar Online report stated that Martin was gearing up to introduce his new lady love to his children, an idea that has not gone down well with estranged wife Paltrow.

"Chris has fallen hard for Jen, and they are having a lot of fun together," a source told the website. "It's happened very fast, and it's extremely intense. Apple and Moses haven't met their dad's girlfriend, yet. Chris hasn't been discussing the relationship with Gwyneth, out of respect."

However, the meeting won't happen anytime soon, as he wants to be sure of his feelings for the "Hunger Games" actress before he takes the important step.

"Gwyneth was absolutely stunned ​when Chris told her he wants to introduce the kids to Jennifer. It won't be happening right away, Chris wants to make sure this relationship isn't going to just fizzle out before taking such a big step," the source added.

The report goes on to add that Martin's relationship with Lawrence has been a huge blow to Paltrow's ego, as she always believed she had her husband "wrapped around her finger."