Jeevitha Rajasekhar Sentenced 2 Year Jail and Rs 25 lakh fine over Cheque Bounce Case
Jeevitha Rajasekhar Sentenced 2 Year Jail and Rs 25 lakh fine over Cheque Bounce Case

Actress-turned-filmmaker Jeevitha Rajasekhar, who was embroiled in a cheque-bounce case, has been sentenced to two year of imprisonment and fined ₹25 lakhs by the Erramanzil court on Monday, 24 November.

After hearing her cheque bounce case on Monday, the jury at the Erramanzil court issued the judgment as per which she will have to spend two-years in jail and also pay a fine of ₹25 lakh. The actress is likely to challenge the verdict in the High Court.

"Jeevitha has remitted ₹25 lakhs fine a short while ago and she also wishes to challenge the verdict in the High Court soon," reports Iqlikmovies.

It is reported that Jeevitha Rajasekhar had bought the rights of 2007 movie "Evadaithe Nakenti" starring her husband Rajasekhar and Samvrutha Sunil in the lead roles. The actress was supposed to pay ₹25 lakh to producer Chandrasekhar Reddy and she had reportedly issued cheques worth of the same amount. The cheques worth ₹4 lakh were cleared, but the rest could not be done due to the insufficient funds in her bank account.

When the cheque bounced, Chandrasekhar Reddy filed a case against Jeevitha Rajasekhar in January 2007. The case proceedings continued for almost eight years. The petitioner is said to be very happy as he finally "got justice after so long".

However, this was not the first time Jeevitha Rajasekhar landed in a legal case like this. She has made two court appearances, in 2008 and 2010, for similar cases. In 2013, financier Paranadhama Reddy had filed a case against her after a cheque of ₹36 lakh issued by her and her husband got bounced.

A Nampally court had issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against the couple after they failed to appear in the court despite being summoned several times. The court had directed the Jubilee Hills police to take them into custody before 29 October in 2013 and produce them in the court.