Jaaved Jaaferi is known for donning various hats: actor, dancer, singer, choreographer, VJ, ad filmmaker among others. He is the son of popular comedian, Jagdeep, and is known for carrying on the tradition of humour with his comedic style. Having won accolades for over two to three decades he has been one of the most loved actor-comedian and dancer. All the 90's kids remember Javed Jaffrey for his iconic song 'Mumbhai' and the actor still has the same vibrancy and charm intact.

Not coming from a filmi background, Jaaved has managed to make his foothold in the industry. As we are all aware of the nepotism debate has trigged social media ever since the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, remember, Jaaved's son Mezaan Jaffri who made his debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film 'Malaal' in the years 2019. Jaaved didn't launch, introduce or push his son to enter the film world.

Javed Jaffery

Speaking more about the ongoing issue over the nepotism, Sushant Singh Rajput's demise, and social media warriors breaking the internet with debates and conversations, Jaaved Jafferi opened his heart out in an exclusive conversation with International Business Times India. 

Read on: Excerpts from the candid conversation!

Nepotism and Sushant Singh Rajput untimely demise

Six months ago, Kushal Punjabi also commited suicide but it didn't become an issue like this. The news of Sushant Singh Rajput's death is very sad, he was doing good for himself; I didn't know him personally but this entire fiasco on social media is mainly because people have a lot of time during the lockdown. Also, it is an individual's mindset there are people who can take the pressure and some can't take it. The entertainment industry is out there in open, your every move is being watched, you have to be tough, the critics, the audience will shred you if they don't like your performance and we can't do anything about it. We have to deal with it. One has to be mentally strong and take it and move on. Some people feel hurt and depressed. There is no personal connection with anyone in our industry. There is a professional connection.On an individual level if you are going through something then it is the responsibility of your family and friends to look out for you and hear the problem. One has to be extra vary in today's time. Personal lives of actors are all over the social media you have to be prepared for the good, best and worst here.

He adds,

Javed and Sushant

 I don't believe in nepotism, my father didn't introduce me to anyone, he was a self made man, I am self made man. I didn't introduce my son to anybody, he was standing on the set, nobody pushed him to get into entertainment. If a father like Dharmaji (Dharmendra) plans to launch his son,  put his perosnal money and wants people to wathc his son, its their call,or if Sunil Dutt Saab launched his son. Amitabh Bachchan Saab didnt launch his son Abhishek Bachchan. If an actor wants to launch his son and put their money what's wrong in that? They are not taking public's money, and if the audience doesn't like a certain film or actor they openly bash them. Nepotism doesn't work in entertainment. Remember where Rajesh Khanna came from? Where was Shah Rukh Khan from? Salman Khan was initially rejected, where did Ranveer Singh come from? Amitabh Bachchan made his mark, Ranbir Kapoor had to prove himself time and again. In entertainment, no producer will put 10-15 crores on you even if you are a star kid, once they might invest in you but won't keep on investing crores of rupees to relaunch your son/ daughter. Look at the people who are not from here. The audience decides the fate of an actor and you have to prove your mettle. Nepotism is in politics, if they say, 'my son will become the minister' or in the educational insitutional 'my son will become the principle, no  that is wrong, you need to qualify. Having said that, politics uses public money as opposed to film industry is putting our own money.


On equation with his son Meezan

Meezan and Javed

Like every father and son, we have our share of talks, we discuss work-related stuff, personal matters. However there is a line of respect we have for each other, he might not want to share certain things with me or I wouldn't want to share with him, after all he is the son and I am the father. 'Yeh best buddies bolne ke liye hota hia.' Yes my children are everything to me, what I mean to them it is in their heart.

On shooting to resume and his upcoming films

Meezan and Javed

I don't think we will start shooting anytime soon, it will be a risk for dancers, fighters, actors can't wear masks and act on-screen. Therefore, I don't see shoots starting anytime soon. My upcoming projects that are ready are Rohit Shetty's Sooryavanshi, and Coolie no 1. 

 Jaaved Jafferi is currently seen in Never Kiss Your Best Friend: Lockdown special series.