Javed Jaffery is known for donning various hats: actor, dancer, singer, choreographer, VJ, Emcee, ad filmmaker among others. Spanning over two decades, this versatile actor is known for his work in several Bollywood films and Indian television shows. The actor-comedian has changed the perception of comedians and the way stand up comedy is looked upon in India. Recently, Javed wowed his fans and audience with his spectacular performance in  Zee5's new series 'Never Kiss Your Best Friend: Lockdown special'. 

The series has been shot during the lockdown by the actors in their respective homes. This uniqueness struck Javed and he decided to take up the role immediately.

Javed Jaffery

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times India, Javed Jaffery spoke at length about her upcoming series 'Never Kiss Your Best Friend: Lockdown Special', shooting for it all by himself, his idea of love and friendship and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

On being a part of web series 'Never kiss your best friend'

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Trying insta for the first time

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It was a unique experience shooting for the web show, this is the first time in my life someone has shot a professional series at home through their phone, and the best part is, all of us were in different parts of the world. In fact, this is exactly what attracted me.

As the show talks about the millennials who are into social media numbers and fan following. How much has social media created a positive/negative impact on the minds of the youth?

On millennials getting drawn towards social media

Social media has both good and a bad side to it. For instance, social media is extremely powerful if you want to promote something, heal people, reach out to your loved ones, start movements and so and so forth.  The sad part is, everyone is so obsessed with social media that they are drifting away from the real world, technology has taken over a lot of things, its an addiction. 

 As the show 'Never Kiss Your Best Friends' emphasis on best friends falling in love.

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Fun times with small ones

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What's your idea of love and friendship? 

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Good Times #good vibes ❤

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Well, here I would like to share something, almost 25-30 years ago, one of my friend from traditional mindest said to me, 'Aaj kal Naya Rishta Koi Paida Hua hai Behen Aur Biwi Ke beech Mein Usko Friend Kehte Hai'. And now there are various categories in which friend is segregated into, for instance,  pen friend, best friend, friend then there are friends with benefit, that's a different zone. What I believe is when you are in love, you can be friends with that person, however, there is a line divided when that friend turns into your life partner, girlfriend, wife. There is a certain exclusivity one has with their respective partners, say for that matter you will only share somethings only with that person. Nowadays, what I see is that ambiguity is missing, this generation wants everything instantly that's where the problem lies. Everything needs time to manage and balance.

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Living up ?

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For the unversed,  'Never Kiss Your Best Friend' is based on Sumrit Shahi's book of the same name and it revolves around two best friends who are struggling with complicated feelings for each other. The show also stars Niki Walia, Zian Imam, Anya Singh and Javed Jaffery.

Watch the trailer of the series: