The public catfight between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry has got nothing on the beef between Paul Bettany and Jason Statham, so if you are looking for the latest trash-talk between Hollywood celebs, look no further.

We know and love the "Spy" star Jason Statham as the action star who can kick some ass, and look hot as hell while doing it. However, he got on the hit-list of every Marvel fan recently, by talking smack about the "Avengers" movies.

In a recent interview, he made a comment how he could dress his grandmother in a cape and put a green screen behind her and make a Marvel movie. The action star who does his own stunts was making a jab at how the actors who play superheroes tend to shy away from the actual action scenes.

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However, the comment did not go unnoticed by Bettany who played the AI Vision in "Averngers: Age of Ultron", and if it did, talk-show host Conan O'Brien made sure to draw his attention towards it. During his latest appearance on "Conan", Bettany said that while Statham is really great at doing action movies, maybe he should invest in an acting double, like "Avengers" stars do on stunt doubles.

However, he did admit that he does not want to run into the buff star and if he did, he might have to take the assistance of his stunt double yet again. Meanwhile Andy Richter quipped that may be Statham was just trying to drum up work for his grandma.

Watch the hilarious clip from "Conan" here: