Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson
Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett JohanssonFacebook/ Robert Downey Jr, Reuters

Extravagant destination weddings and killer Bentleys and Ferraris costing a fortune prove that Hollywood stars earn some big bucks; But the question is how big.

Robert Downey jr is reportedly the highest-paid actor of recent times, followed by Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence and fellow "Avenger" Chris Hemsworth.

The "Iron Man" star earned up to $50 million for the second sequel as the titular hero, having charged 5-7% first-dollar slice of the $1.22 billion-grossing "Iron Man 3". According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Downey Jr  gets close to $15 million for movies that don't involve Tony Stark.

Meanwhile Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson, who reportedly got paid $12 million to make the 2014-film "Hercules", has charged up to $15 million, like for the recently released "Fast & Furious 7" and the upcoming "San Andreas".  

Women in Hollywood are not falling too far behind, with Angelina Jolie making a whooping $30 million for each movie and Jennifer Aniston charging $28 million for each. With a $20 million upfront and 15% of the first-dollar gross for "Gravity" that went on to make $716 million worldwide, Sandra Bullock became one of the best paid stars in Hollywood in 2014.

Scarlett Johhanson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Stewart are among the highest paid actresses, according to Forbes.

The following is Forbes' top 10 highest earning actors as of 2014:

1 Robert Downey Jr  $75m
2 Dwayne Johnson $52m
3 Bradley Cooper $46m
4 Leonardo DiCaprio $39m
5 Chris Hemsworth $37m
6 Liam Neeson $36m
7 Ben Affleck $35m
8 Christian Bale $35m
9 Will Smith $32m
10 Mark Wahlberg $32m

Among TV stars, the initial trio of "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS are the leaders; Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco are currrently being paid $1 million per episode, plus back-end fees and royalties.