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When you meet someone, it's your smell that reaches him/her first. A good smell will give a good impression of you while your body odor will turn everything negative. Though you use deodorants to get rid of the bad smell of your body, it may not work for a long time. As a result, your body may start stinking at any point of time. Japan has created a pocket-sized device to help you detect your body odor as and when you use it.

Japanese company Tanita has developed an electronic "nose" called ES-100 that will detect the chemical compounds causing the body odor and make you aware of its emergence as soon as anything is identified. You just need to wave the device around your body to find out if you stink. It looks like a pager that has an extending alarm to warn you against the smell on a one to 10 scale system. People who suffer from bad body smell during hot summers in Japan will surely get benefitted from the device.

The pocket size device will sniff your armpit as well as other parts of the body that are vulnerable to bad smell. Tanita has developed the product while experimenting with alcohol breath analyzers. However, the new electronic nose may not smell alcohol but it does identify your body odor thereby helping you prepare yourself before your professional or personal meetings. Users only need to switch on the power and extend the sensor so that it could point to the doubtful areas indicating bad odor. Within 10 seconds of use, the device provides the numeric ranking on the 11-scale meter.

According to the analysis of the developer, the ES-100 will be sought more by middle-aged population, especially those in their 40s and 50s. Men who are more into smelling good during their professional or personal meeting or dates are expected to opt for the product. The body odor detector will be available in the Japanese market from July 1 and the nation's environment is expected to smell really nice even if the severely hot weather conditions continue for a long time.