Itsuki Morita
Itsuki Morita, 6, becomes the world's youngest club DJYouTube Screengrab

Most six-year-olds are known to attend elementary school, play with friends and do fun things in general. However, it looks like this Japanese boy has other things to keep him occupied. Itsuki Morita, six, has become the world youngest club DJ and we just cannot stop raving about him.

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The little one, who has recently started elementary school, achieved the feat after playing an hour set at L, a bar and restaurant in Osaka, Japan. He played a few tracks using the professional Pioneer XDJ AERO decks and quite an interesting crowd, comprising adults and children, cheered him on, according to Guinness World Records.

Morita has always loved music but apparently took up DJing as "it looked fun." When asked how it felt to become the youngest club DJ in the world he said: "The happiest time! I was really happy that I could DJ. Everyone says it's great."

His mother, clearly, was as pleased as the little one and said that he has always been fond of music. "He didn't give up thinking he could become a world record holder," she told Guinness, adding that he was pleased when he was told that he mixed well.

Itsuki Morita
Itsuki Morita plays at L, a bar and restaurant in Osaka, JapanYouTube Screengrab

Morita was first taught to mix songs by his mother's friend and he hasn't stopped since. The little one, who had the widest grin while playing at L, also likes to play the drums. While he is fond of rock music and likes everything that he can hum, he is a fan of Swedish musician, DJ, record producer and Wake Me Up hitmaker Avicii.

Itsuki Morita
Itsuki Morita likes rock music but is also a fan of Swedish DJ AviciiYouTube Screengrab

Here's Morita playing at the L bar and restaurant. Don't miss the adorable wide grin!