Netflix's new web series Jamtara - Sabka Number Ayega starring Amit Sial, Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Aksha Pardhasany has received positive review and ratings. The audience say that it is an eye opener about phishing scam.

Written and directed by Soumendra Padhi, Jamtara is based on true cyber-crimes. Along with their school dropout friends, cousins Sunny and Rocky run a wildly successful phishing scam from the remote village of Jamtara in Jharkhand. Things go awry when the scam gets ousted in a news report. A corrupt politician wants in on their scheme, but a cop wants to fight it.

Analysis: Jamtara is an interesting web series and its realistic narration makes it an engrossing viewing experience. Amit Sial, Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Aksha Pardhasany have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of the film. The movie has good production values and background score and picturisation are the big attractions on the technical front, say the audience.

Jamtara - Sabka Number Ayega
Jamtara - Sabka Number AyegaCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Scammers have targeted everyone from the tax payers to daily wage workers. Most of them don't register a complaint for two reasons. Firstly, many of them are unaware of cyber laws. Secondly, some of them believe that the police can't help and the chance of recovering hard earned money is low.

Jamtara is now spreading awareness about the scam and many people have started sharing their stories on online phishing. Hence, many audience consider this web series as an eye-opener about phishing scam.

Here are some audience's review of Jamtara:

Jamtara - Sabka Number Ayega
Jamtara - Sabka Number AyegaTwitter

RaJiV @RajivAluri

#Jamtara: this is interesting series to watch. Good one on the current happenings of phishing. Fantastic performances and totally worth.

Avantika @avantikadas08

#jamtara a must watch on #netflix. Composition and screenplay with "close to reality" cast was something which often gets missed out in most of the Indian series. Waiting for season 2 #NetflixIndia @akshapardasany

Anirudh B Balotiaa @anirudhbb

Binged watched #Jamtara yesterday. It's amazing how a good story is all one needs to make an engrossing viewing experience. Yes it did loose the plot many a times in between and so many open threads, overall it was very engaging. @NetflixIndia

Suman Bhowmik @Sumanbhowmik2

@akshapardasany Watched #Jamtara, must say it's absolutely superb. I'm posted at Maithon, close to this place. Heard a lot about it. Now seen what's happening. You as SP Dolly is just brilliant. Loved ur performance . All the actors have done really well.Hoping to see part 2.

Ab George @ABGeorge2255

Finished watching #Jamtara in @NetflixIndia, a series on How Jamtara, one of the backward districts from India becomes the hub of Phishing Scam?? Good one Natural & terrific performance from all cast. Sunny, Gudiya, Dolly, Brajesh bhan, Biswa characters perfo Recommended.

Amrita_P @mywordcanvas

Finished watching #Jamtara on @NetflixIndia ...super gripping and every actor is brilliant. Hopefully there is a season 2. #MustWatch

Siddhartha Thakur @SiddhartaThakur

These #OTT Platforms are doing for the entertainment industry what the IPL did for cricket. #Jamtara stands out for having these brilliant almost never seen before actors leaving their mark. What a bunch of performers! Series is nice. And, I'm Now a certified fan of #AmitSial

Mister Pai @Rakesh_R_Pai

A phishing scam An honest officer's investigation including corrupt politicians & bureaucrats Apart from brilliant performance by @AmitSial @akshapardasany #dibyendu #jamtara is nothin short of a cliche revolves arnd #money & conseq of poor #education @NetflixIndia #webseries

Shravan @Olive2729

Just watched #Jamtara. #Netflix web series is below average. It's just a cleaner version of Mirzapur. What should have been about credit card scam and fishing soon turns into a predicatable cat and mouse game. Casting and #amitsial are the only good things in the show. #Bollywood

The Blogger Buddy @beingDJ

#jamtara on @NetflixIndia is strongly directed and perfectly casted. All the new actors are brilliantly trained and guided. Loved it.