As Pakistan-controlled drones have become the biggest security threat in Punjab and the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Army has installed aqua jammers and multi-shot guns along the Line of Control (Line of Control) in the Union Territory.

According to reports in the past nine months, security forces have observed the entry of 191 Pakistan-controlled drones into Indian territory during the first nine months of this year. Infiltration of drones, originating from Pakistan, is a major concern in terms of internal security in the country.

Reports said that out of the 191 drones observed, 171 entered into Indian territory through the India-Pakistan border along the Punjab sector while 20 were seen in the Jammu sector.

Pak-controlled drones again spotted near Jammu airport

These drone activities have been reported from the Pakistan side with a motive to deliver weapons, sticky bombs, and other logistic support to their handlers on this side of the border.

Quoting defence sources, a news agency reported that the Indian Army has installed aqua-jammers and multi-shot guns along the border to deal with Pakistan's nefarious design of using drones to smuggle drugs, weapons, and other consignments.

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Hi-tech gadgets installed near LoC

Sources said that modern and hi-tech gadgets have been installed just 400 meters from the Pakistan border on the LoC. These gadgets have been installed to foil evil designs of Pakistan to smuggle arms and narcotics through drones.

Sources said that with the help of these gadgets, troops of the Indian Army have foiled several attempts of Pakistan to drop arms and narcotics through drones near LoC in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

As per reports, the aqua jammers will not only track the drone at a distance of 4900 meters but is also capable of freezing its activity. It is believed that after the installation of these gadgets designs of Pakistan to use drones for subversive activities would be foiled effectively.

Reports said that the multi-shot gun can shoot down the drone once tracked by the aqua jammer by triggering and firing rounds.