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Jamie Foxx was spotted having some fun with Olivia Culpo. What was notable was Katie Holmes wasn't with him. It is being reported that the actor had fun with Olivia Culpo and some friends, with the Oscar winning actor even posing for some snap shots taken by Olivia Culpo.

Olivia and Jamie were reportedly seen chatting happily as they enjoyed the delights of the luxury Utopia IV mega yacht in Miami, on which Jamie was hosting a celebrity-packed party.

Olivia was dressed in her black bikini top and denim cut offs, snapped pictures of Jamie as he admired the view, before showing him the results.

She also used her iPhone to take a series of pictures of herself, as she posed up with pal Cara Santana, who joined the yacht party.

The two had posted that they were enjoying 'yacht-hopping' their way around Miami, on social media.

Katie Holmes was notably absent from the celebration but she had just finished some Yacht hopping of her own with Jamie, on a luxury $8million yacht, the Utopia III.

It is being reported that the two were seen kissing and putting on a very rare PDA as they enjoyed their break on their luxury craft. It is also being reported that the actress, was seen embracing Jamie Foxx off the coast of Miami aboard the 150ft ship. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dating for quite a while. Taking their relationship public recently. Jamie Foxx's latest outing Robin Hood was a critical and commercial failure and we'll have to wait and see how the actor turns it around in 2019.