Pierce Brosnan
In a one-minute video uploaded on YouTube, Brosnan is seeing performing a few tricks and minor stunts using the 'Pan Bahar' can as a weapon.Twitter

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, who is one of the many actors to have played the British secret agent James Bond on screen, has featured in a Pan Bahar advertisement and Indians can't believe it.

In a one-minute advertisement video uploaded on YouTube, Brosnan is seen performing stunts and tricks as a secret agent. Brosnan also uses the can of Pan Bahar asa weapon in the video. The video ends with the actor saying in his Irish accent: "Pan Bahar: Class never goes out of style."

The advertisement of Brosnan holding a Pan Bahar can also featured in several newspapers on Friday morning. It is not the first time Brosnan has been seen promoting an Indian brand, he has also featured in advertisements for Ried & Taylor.

After the advertisements came out on Monday, Twitterati couldn't deal with this piece of news and expressed their reactions in hilarious ways on the social media platform.

Let's see how Pierce 'James Bond' Brosnan likes his Pan Bahar: Shaken or Stirred ?