The latest Malayalam movie, "James and Alice," starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Vedhika, was released in Kerala on Thursday, May 5. With no other big-ticket Malayalam movie hitting the box office this week, the family entertainer is expected to perform well on its opening day. The movie will be released in screens outside Kerala on Friday.

The movie, which bagged a "U" certificate from the censor board, narrates the incidents that happen in the life of a married couple, James and Alice, played by Prithviraj and Vedhika. In the Sujith Vaassudev-directed movie, Prithviraj is seen in two different get-ups, one as a young artiste and another as a salt-and-pepper-haired man.

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Many celebrities have wished luck to the team of "James and Alice" ahead of its release on Thursday. "Hearty congrats and prayers to my big brother Sujith Vaassudev..James and Alice in theatres from today [sic]," said Vinay Forrt on his Facebook account. "Wishing Sujith Vasudev ,Prithviraj and the entire team of James and Aliceall the very best [sic]," wrote filmmaker Lijo Jose Pellissery.

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Check out audience response on the movie "James and Alice" here:

Roshan Basheer (actor)

James & Alice
I went to see this film with my dad and sister..Not the fresh start but i continued to watch it anyway and am so glad that i did it. This is probably one of the most Beautiful,Romantic and Emotional movie that i have ever seen..From the relationship of the two characters to their surrounding..

It does not matter whether u love romantic movies or hate them..this is not just a Romantic is so more than that by the end of the movie you will feel a whole heap of emotions.. and am sure that you will be talking about this movie for a long time.

Every scene is breathtaking..
Great work Sujith Vaassudev cheta....u proved that u r a good director too.. orupad ishtapettu...and Rajeev Nair cheta..ningal oru nalla nadan koodi aanalle

Rajuyetan and Vedhika did a Magical Job
‪#‎Jamesandalice â€¬Dont miss it guys

Arun Thomas

Watched james and Alice...
It's a class movie...
Guys if yu planning fo idivaettu love and action chumma pokanda...
Have patience it's gud to watch movie....

Arjun Menon

James and Alice is a one of a kind movie experience !!! Sujith vasudevs debut directorial is a simple story told in a unusual way !!! The initial proceedings take us right into the married life of James and Alice and some misunderstandings that occur !!! The first half takes it's time to set the pace for the rest of the movie !!! The writing is forcefully slowed down to create the perfect setting for depicting the minor tension between the characters !!! Post first half the story goes a little overboard and also attains element of minor fantasy !!! The story is different but unfolds in a make believe premise from then on but here too the movie could have been better paced !! Some dialoges in the second half are un called for !!! The movie depicts the simple thing that we should always be thoughtful in making choices and also in reacting in our lives as they may lead to unforseen consequences in our life!!!! The performance of prithviraj is praise worthy as he handles the character with a certain panache of his own !!! Vedhika was awesome for the me , she has essayed the role with such ease and style !! The rest of the cast does well too !! Screenplay is good in most parts except some places here and there !! Sujith vasudevs camera work is a huge plus for the movie, making it a visual threat with his making too!!!, bgm by gopi sunder in the former half operates predominantly through prolonged silences and also renders ample feel to the movie !! Thus James and Alice is a feel good movie about unending true love even after marriages and it's shows the intensity of true love which remains unaffected when tested in many adverse situations !!! Even though the proceedings in the second half may arouse mixed reactions as depending on the senesibities of the viewer the content sure holds us firmly to the movie !!! GOOD attempt from prithvi barring many flaws that can be ignored keeping in mind the director's sincerity in expressions such a beautiful love life !!!

Vishnu Gs

‪#‎JamesandAlice‬ is a emotional love drama with a good message. Low on entertainment factor..slow screenplay Overall: A decent watch 3/5

Samarth Ambujakshan

James & Alice is poetic and thought provoking...a good experimental narrative by Sujith Vassuddev...!! Reminds us of certain things in life we take for granted!! Especially in relationships..!!

Varunraj Pv

James and Alice awesome making ..its like a book with lots of lessons...must watchable movie rating 4/5

Gokul Krishnan

WaTcHeD JaMeS AnD ALicE.. ‪#‎fdfs‬
Even though 1st half has some odds...
2nd half is really heart touching... gave some heart touching moments...
Must watch with family....

Malayalam Review â€

#JamesandAlice Average Predictable Family Movie. Prithvi & Vedhika Good. Ok Script & Very Lengthy Direction. Also Not Impressive Songs & Cinematography Movie Verdict Depends On Family Audience. After DP Prithvi's Script Selection Failed again 2.5/5

Jayanth Anandanarayanan

watched James and Alice.a good family oriented slow paced movie.the story deals with the life after love marriage. everyone has done justice to their roles.the only negative is that film is two and 45 minutes but a good watchable one

Rishikesh K Nair 

Again a wonderful movie from prithviraj
James and alice really a romantic emotional movie... hats off to sujith vasudev
Each and every scenes in the movie was very touching
100% effort from prithvi
A variety and successful try from the team james and alice

Prasad Prasad

Watched 'James And Alice' FDFS At Kirthi
Simply i can say that the Film james And Alice' was a very poor execution exempt cinematography and background score,those respectively did by Sujith Vaasudev(who is also the director)and Gopi sunder.Lead actors performances was nice and okay.
Neatly disappointed considered as a Prithviraj fan and moreover a true movie lover
verdict:1.5/5(Strictly my opinion)

Anoop Murali

James and Alice not everyone's cup of tea. Those who understand family values would really get some good feeling with this film. I didn't enjoy the film I just felt it... Sujith vasudev should have avoided that cliche scenes in the climax...