Upcoming superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran's latest Malayalam movie "James and Alice" was released in Kerala on Thursday, May 5. Despite garnering positive response for the performances of Prithviraj and Vedhika, the movie has opened to mixed reviews from movie-goers in the state.

While many have called it as an above average entertainer, a few are of the opinion that the movie is not everyone's cup of tea. The Sujith Vaassudev-directed movie, which narrates the incidents that happen in the life of a married couple James and Alice, is said to be too lengthy with lags in the first half of the film. Some critics say that the movie seems to be not enjoyable for many as the story telling method used in "James and Alice" is unfamiliar for the audience.

"James and Alice" is said to be a visual treat by the Kerala State Film Award winning cinematographer Sujith, who has captured each frame of the flick in an appreciable way. However, the music and background score by Gopi Sunder haven't impressed many critics and audience alike. 

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The movie, scripted by Dr S Janardhanan, also has Nedumudi Venu, Sai Kumar, Manju Pillai and Sijoy Varghese in pivotal roles. It has been produced by Dr S Sajikumar and Krishnan Sethukumar under the banner of Dharmik Films.

Check out what critics have to say about "James and Alice:"


There is no denying the good intentions that 'James and Alice' has in mind, but regrettably they get lost in the meandering pathways that the narrative wanders along. Trite and a bit flimsy as a scruffily written Valentine's Day card, 'James and Alice' might be in need of a miracle to work wonders at the theatres.


Prithiviraj has kept it simple, and it goes well with the quiet persona of his character. Vedhicka's character is etched out well; she's the one that doesn't make vocal her demands out of life, but is well watchful of how often she has to give in. Sai Kumar and Vijayaraghavan bring in the right measure of confidence to the script with their presence. Parvathy Nair, could have mouthed at least a few insightful pointers from the advertising point of view, which would have saved her from being just a pretty face. An exceedingly slow-paced film, with less humour or other remarkable agents, James and Alice isn't everyone's cup of tea. The feather touch of something celestial keeps it engaging, but the magic, sadly wanes.


The conclusion of the first half came after one and a half hours. Till then, the film is dealing with regular happenings in a family. The film which is realistic and dramatic at the same time, lags at the end of the first half. As the story progresses, one who can think in a cinematic way can predict the climax. At the same time, the creativity applied by the writer to explain James about his past mistakes is laudable. This is a story telling method which is unfamiliar to Malayalam film.


One of the highlights of the film is the performances. Prithviraj looks eminently handsome and comes up with a dedicated show. Vedhika is impressive especially when she has to emote during tense situations. But the chemistry that the two share during romantic scenes is not that great. At around two hours and forty-five minutes James & Alice is far too longer than what the story is worth. With a rather disappointing climax, this one gives the feeling that it could have been much better. It's a fine one time watch at best.

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Sujith Vasudev has created a mind-blowing visual treat for the audiences, with his excellent cinematography.Cinematography has no word to describe but simply awesome .Every frame speaks something to us . It's a sure shot for state awards. Music and BGM of Gopi Sunder is good but sometimes felt resemblance of his latter works. Overall the movie is a romantic movie or a feel good movie and is worth watchable. Sujith Vassudev had done a decent job in his first directorial venture leaving a trait that we haven't seen his talent yet.


The story written by the director himself is a different theme and Dr. S Janardhanan made it perfect with his screenplay. Sujith Vassudev's cinematography also helped the movie to be colorful and be 'pure white' as heaven when Peter came on to the screen. Gopi Sunder's music was ok but the background music was ineffective at certain points. Do not miss to watch this movie if you are ready to make a look back to your past and make proper moves to bring happiness to all.