Mobility gains new meaning as hundreds of differently-abled persons are being able to stand on their feet with the help of Jaipur Foot USA and Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), non-profits committed to serving the global disabled population. The prosthetic limbs, popularly known as Jaipur Foot, are given to the differently-abled needy persons for free and fitted by experts to help them gain mobility. This initiative gained momentum as a second Jaipur Foot mobile van was inaugurated last month, which has since benefitted a lot of people at their doorstep. Now, the mobile van has reached Mahuva in Gujarat's Bhavnagar.

The second Jaipur Foot mobile van started its journey from Barmer district of Rajasthan last month. In a moving gesture, a differently-abled person praying the doorsteps of the Nakoda Bheru Nath temple, was made the chief guest. On the first day itself, 22 artificial limbs were fitted to differently-abled people.

The newly-launched mobile van for prosthetics fitment, which was given to BMVSS founder and Chief Patron D.R. Mehta by Rajasthan Foundation American Chapter President KK Mehta and his wife Chandra Mehta, will be serving the needy in Mahuva for three more days. During this time, at least 100 differently-abled persons are expected to get the Jaipur Foot.

Jaipur Foot USA's mobile van helping differently-abled stand on their feet now in Gujarat's Mahuva
Jaipur Foot USA's mobile van helping differently-abled stand on their feet now in Gujarat's Mahuva

This camp, jointly inaugurated by Morari Bapu, Sitaram Bapu and P.P. Swami, is sponsored by Jaipur Foot USA office-bearer Yatin Doshi's family in the memory of late Kirti Kumar Doshi, who had originally wished the mobile van to be in Bhavnagar.

Blessings from heaven

Late Kirti Kumar Doshi had initially expressed his desire to have the Jaipur Foot USA mobile van in Bhavnagar. But he recently passed away, which is why his son Yatin Doshi and the family decided to fulfill Kirti Kumar Doshi's wish in his memory. The mobile van camp was then sponsored by the Doshi family and organised by Jaipur Foot USA and its parent organisation — BMVSS.

Jaipur Foot USA's mobile van helping differently-abled stand on their feet now in Gujarat's Mahuva

At the inauguration of the camp, Yatin Doshi's mother, brother, sister-in-law among other family members were present and got emotional remembering late Kirti Kumar Doshi, who could not be a part of the camp despite the ideation. By fulfilling the noble cause, Kirti Kumar Doshi must have given his blessings to Jaipur Foot USA and BMVSS from heaven.

Yatin Doshi and his wife are flying in from the US to join the camp in Bhavnagar.

Jaipur Foot USA's mobile van helping differently-abled stand on their feet now in Gujarat's Mahuva

BMVSS spreading limitless joy without borders

BMVSS embarked on the journey of serving differently-abled people around the world. Through various camps, the non-profit organisation led by D.R. Mehta, founder and Chief Patron of BMVSS, has benefitted nearly 2 million differently-abled people globally.

Recalling the inspiring journey, Prem Bhandari, Chairman of Jaipur Foot USA, said that BMVSS has successfully conducted 87 camps in 37 countries, benefitting nearly 2 million differently-abled people. These camps were organised in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

D.R. Mehta, founder of BMVSS

Jaipur Foot camp in J&K, Ladakh

In the last four months, BMVSS held eight prosthetics fitment camps in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and five camps were held in Ladakh at the height of nearly 12,000 feet. More importantly, the Jaipur Foot fitment camp was also held in Parkian Gali sector, which is at the height of over 9,000 feet, and was personally visited by BMVSS' 84-year-old young D.R. Mehta.

BMVSS and the Indian Army partnered for these camps, wherein Corp Commanders of both J&K and Ladakh of Lieutenant General ranks oversaw the functioning of the camps.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also invested in helping the differently-abled people of J&K and Ladakh. In 2014, the Prime Minister had partnered with BMVSS to conduct a prosthetics fitment camp in Srinagar, which was funded by Prime Minister's Relief Fund.

Jaipur Foot USA's mobile van reaches Mahuva in Guj; hopes to help differently-abled in J&K, Ladakh [details]

In a letter dated August 27, 2014, PM Modi had said: "I am extremely happy that the Prime Minister's Relief Fund, in collaboration with the Jammu & Kashmir Government and the Bhagwan Mahaveer Vikalang Sahayata Samiti, Jaipur, has initiated a project in Kashmir valley to provide the world-renowned Jaipur Foot and other aids to 1,300 persons who have unfortunately lost their limbs or suffer from other locomotor difficulties."

Bhandari says "we look forward to organizing more such camps in J&K, Ladakh and other North East regions and request the government to come forward."

Jaipur Foot USA mobile van - Inception

The first Jaipur Foot mobile van was launched on PM Modi's 71st birthday and BMVSS was able to successfully complete 71 artificial limb fittings in Vadnagar, Gujarat - the birthplace of Prime Minister Narendra Modi through the mobile van.

Jaipur Foot USA's mobile van helping differently-abled stand on their feet now in Gujarat's Mahuva

These prosthetics fitment vans have state-of-the-art equipment with the capacity of fitting 8-10 artificial limbs every day. There will be 3-4 BMVSS staff members on board, with expertise in Jaipur Foot limb fitment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobile van was conceptualized, which became an effective and safe way to help differently-abled at their doorstep.