Naga Shourya's latest Telugu movie "Jadoogadu" has received mixed reviews from film critics, who say that the film has an interesting story, but marred by a predictable screenplay.  

Directed by Yogesh, "Jadoogadu" is an action entertainer, which is also high on romance and comic quotients.

The movie is about a small-time thug, who, in his bid to make some quick money in a short time, joins hands with a don, who in turn works for minister. But he gets trapped in a ₹2,000 crore drug deal by the don and the minister. How he saves himself and his love interest forms the crux of the story.

Naga Shourya's performance is the main highlight of the film. Sonarika Bhadoria's glamour, Srinivas Reddy, Prudhvi and Ramesh's comic timing,  well-choreographed action scenes, good music and cinematography are the other attractions of the movie, say critics. 

123 Telugu Ratings: 2.75

Jadoogadu is interesting only in bits and pieces. A few entertaining scenes in the first half and a well executed climax are the saving grace for the film. Even though, Naga Shourya proves his acting calibre with this film, the predictable story line and a lengthy run time spoil the flow of this below average action entertainer.

Telugu Cinema Ratings: 2

However hard Naga Shaurya tried to emerge as action hero his lover boy image doesn't fade that easily. Adding to that his romancing with Sonarika has more appeal than his stunts. The television beauty is the eye popper altogether. She plays a middle class girl who couldn't pursue MBBS and so ends up as a nurse. But she appears wearing micro shorts throughout the film. And for the songs she adds extra oomph with those skimpy wear. Comedy is a big let down. Actors like Srinivas Reddy and Sapthagiri are inappropriately used.

AP Today Ratings: 2.50

'Jadoogadu' is a perfect commercial entertainer Naga Shaurya is wishing to deliver to reach out to the Masses. Yogi have a solid script in hand but falters when it comes to Narration at times. Still, 'Jadoogadu' isn't a bad film and had got some very good moments. The Climax twist will blow everyone's mind as no body is expecting it and all the loose ends were tied with perfect ending. 

Andhra Headlines Ratings: 3

Yogesh came with good story and impresses with his screenplay and direction. Story picks up pace after initial introduction scenes and sails with good pace. After interesting interval block, second half drags surprising all. The romantic scenes quite deftly without breaking the tempo. However some comedy scenes put brakes on the pace of the film. Twists and turns keeps viewers interested.