Jacqueline Fernandez knows how to utilise her time productively and maintain her ever-positive attitude even during the lockdown that the pandemic has brought upon us. When Jacqueline was asked how is she taking from the experience of staying so busy during the lockdown, she said that she has been doing all that she could to keep herself busy with work.

"Yes, my movie release, promotions, song with Salman, song with Badshah, magazine shoots and now, the show. I don't think I am in a lockdown when it comes to work, thankfully,"
Jacqueline Fernandez said.

Jacqueline Fernandez
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The actress further added "Personally, I am trying to be positive and doing all that I can to keep myself busy and be as productive as I can be. It has been a hard time for everyone, staying home and not being able to go about with our daily lives but I am fortunate enough that I have been able to keep myself occupied. We must use this time as productively as we can. At the same time, I hope that we all can switch back to normalcy as soon as this perilous time is over."

Jacqueline had been extremely occupied with the promotions of her recently released film Mrs. Serial Killer where she donned a distinctive dark and enchanting character.

The actress also provided the audience with some songs like 'Tera Bina' alongside actor Salman Khan, 'Mere Aangne Me', and 'Genda Phool' this year. She even brought to the audience the show of 'Home Dancer' during the lockdown from the safety of her own house wherein she was the host of the show.