Jackie Shroff, the Bhidu of Bollywood, has rarely been involved in any controversy throughout his career. However, back in 2011, the veteran actor was bombarded with calls asking him if he was gay.

Shocking, isn't it? Well, it all started when news of Jackie reportedly admitting to a website that he is homosexual went viral on Twitter. The website had stated that the actor had reportedly confessed about his sexual preference during a candid chat with a few journalists at a sub-urban hotel in Mumbai.

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As per the website, Tiger Shroff's father had reportedly stated that it's a natural feeling but in 80s and 90s he never felt that way. The Ram Lakhan actor had also apparently revealed his plans to leave his family and moving abroad soon as he didn't have faith in the Indian society and its way of dealing with homosexuals.

Amused Jackie rubbishes homosexuality rumour:

However, when Jackie was asked to comment on the story that was doing the rounds, he laughed it out. "What? I am shooting in Mysore for Anna Bond and had no clue about this. Jisne bhi likha hai uska dimaag kharaab ho gaya hai. This is so stupid. I may get my lawyer to look into it. I think somebody must have done this while drunk," Hindustan Times had quoted him as saying.

His wife Ayesha Shroff, too, had laughed off the report saying, "He was called the first lady killer of the industry and to hear that he is gay is just bizarre. My kids and I are having a good laugh."

Well, we all believe the report was false as Jaggu Dada, as he is loving called by fans, loves his wife dearly. Infact, their love story is nothing less than a script straight out of a Bollywood masala movie.

When Ayesha had no option but to share Jackie with another woman:

Jackie and Ayesha started dating when the latter was just 13 years old school girl. Ayesha was born with a silver spoon and had all the luxuries of life, while Jackie was raised in a Mumbai chawl. But, that didn't change Ayesha's love for him.

But, there was a twist in the fairy tale love story. Before Tiger Shroff's father met Ayesha, he was in love with another girl, who went to the USA for further studies. The Rangeela actor always believed that Ayesha's love for him was just an infatuation. So, when he told her about the girl and that she trusted him, a naive Ayesha's reaction took him aback and he realised how deeply she loved him. She agreed to share Jackie with the other woman in his life.

Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff's love story
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