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Jabariya Jodi movie review and rating by criticsPR Handout

Romantic drama Jabariya Jodi, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Prineeti Chopra, released on August 9, and critics have already come up with their reviews of the movie.

While fans of Sidharth and Parineeti were eagerly waiting for the release of the film, a special screening of Jabariya Jodi was held in Mumbai on Thursday evening. But like most other Bollywood movies, this film got released in the Gulf countries a day before India release.

The critics' reviews of Jabariya Jodi appears to be negative. While a few of the critics called it to be a fun movie to watch, most others declared it to be an average film with poorly written script. But dialogues of Jabariya Jodi are being appreciated.

Directed by Prashant Singh, Jabariya Jodi also features Javed Jaffrey, Sanjay Mishra, Aparshakti Khurana, Chandan Roy Sanyal among others. The film is based on dowry practice in Bihar.

Check critics' review and rating of Jabariya Jodi:

NDTV: If only there was a conjurer's trick that could turn Jabariya Jodi into a coherent whole. But even if any such sleight exists somewhere in the world, the director clearly isn't aware. Steadfastly puerile, Jabariya Jodi, a film that appears to have been made under duress by a group of people playing blind man's buff, is a big splotch of utter nonsense. Don't think twice (thinking won't take you anywhere anyways if you decide to watch Jabariya Jodi): give it a miss. (1*/5*)

Times of India: Jabariya Jodi starts on a promising note, but loses steam along the way. It tries to throw light on serious issues with lighter moments, but gets tangled in a melodramatic and unrealistic narrative that doesn't feel all that jabardust. (2.5*/5*)

News18: Jabariya Jodi tries to be a rom-com with a difference and had they put in a little more attention to details, the film would have creatively been the better for it. What remains to be seen now is whether the young guns hit the box-office bullseye or miss the mark. (2.5*/5*)

India Today: Jabariya Jodi is a frustrating and excruciatingly painful watch, peppered with very few moments worth remembering. It's even more annoying because it had a good premise and could have done much more with leads like Sidharth, Parineeti and Aparashakti. It's like a wedding you're forced to attend, where the biryani is no great shakes either. (1.5*/5*)

Khaleej Times: If only the makers had kept it a pure mindless fun movie, it might have worked. Jabariya Jodi pulls us in too many directions and lacks a cohesive script to keep us engaged. The only saving grace, if it can be called that is some fabulous dialogues that keep you chuckling even as you wait for the movie to come to an end. (2*/5*)

Masala.com: Sanjeev K Jha, who hails from Bihar himself, clearly seems to be writing from a place that he knows really well. Though it is filled with typical tropes towards the climax, the enjoyable soundtrack (Najanay Kya Dhoondein Ankhiyan is especially lovely) and well written dialog makes for a fun watch. As far as small town romcoms go, which seem to be the new genre in Bollywood, Jabariya Jodi is one of the better ones.