Hillary Clinton and Ryan Seacrest
Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton opened up to Los Angeles radio host Ryan Seacrest about the elections.Reuters

Hours before the US presidential election, Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton opened up to Los Angeles radio host Ryan Seacrest on Monday about the elections and the FBI inquiry related to her emails. During the chat with Seacrest, Clinton also confessed that she is superstitious about things. 

The first question that Seacrest asked Clinton was about the FBI investigation. Seacrest asked what her immediate reaction was when FBI said that they will not change their opinion on the investigation, to which she replied: "I was obviously a little bit befuddled by the whole process, but it's behind us now, and I think everybody should focus on what is best for our country and how we are going to meet the challenges we have."

When asked about her feeling, Clinton said, "It is such an amazing combination of emotions, Ryan, because it is physically demanding, obviously. You got to have this endurance test to run for president, but it's also exhilarating and it's so energising and exciting... It is truly the most rewarding and overwhelming experience you can possibly imagine."

Seacrest also asked the Democratic Party nominee whether she will be able to sleep before the election. "I don't think it's going to be more than two or three hours at the most. I am going from Pittsburg to Michigan to Philadelphia for this fabulous rally where President Obama and my husband are there," she told Seacrest. 

Before saying goodbye to Clinton, Seacrest asked her if she is superstitious about anything, to which she replied, "I've worn the same bracelets, the same necklace. I am not talking to anybody about what they're hearing in terms of early votes, and all the rest of it, because I am superstitious. But I'm just going to do everything I can in these next 24 hours."