South Korean actress and singer IU attends the photocall for the New Balance on November 2, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.Getty Images Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

On December 15, IU paid her heartfelt emotional tribute to SHINee's Jonghyun with "Gloomy Clock" at her 10th Anniversary Concert in Singapore.

According to sources, IU deviated from her scheduled performances to dedicate a soulful song in Jonghyun's memory. It is noteworthy to mention that IU and Jonghyun have been close friends and his untimely death caused a huge void in their friendship.

The concert coincides nearly a year after Jonghyun's death on December 18, 2017. Before embarking on her soulful tribute, IU announced to her fans that "the next song wasn't on my list, but I prepared it because I've been thinking about this one a lot recently".

She also stated that the song has been a great source of comfort since the moment she heard it. On an emotional note, IU switched to the pearl aqua color mic which was SHINee's official color and stated that she hoped that the song will reach the person she misses most, referring to Jonghyun.

Her rendition of "Gloomy Clock" composed by Jonghyun while modifying the lines to read as "Jonghyun Shines" instead of the original "things quickly pass by" had her fans in trance. IU and Jonghyun had previously performed the song together as a duet in Jonghyun's solo concert "The Story" in 2015.

The Singapore concert showcased a decade worth of IU's scintillating music with hit tracks like "The Red Shoes", "Cruel Fairytale", "dlwlrma", "Every End of the Day", "Good Day", "Between the Lips", "Friday" and "The Meaning of You".  

IU surprised her fans with the cover of a famous Chinese song "Love" by Karen Mok followed by her tribute to Jonghyun with "Gloomy Clock". IU continued with her concert with melodies like "Only I didn't Know", "Lost Child", "Twenty Three", "Glasses + Zeze" and her recent hit single "Bibi Bibi".