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Directors Jibi-Joju's Malayalam movie Ittymaani: Made in China (IMIC), featuring superstar Mohanlal in the title role, has garnered positive review and rating from the audience.

Ittymaani: Made in China is a comedy-drama film and debutant duo Jibi-Joju has written script and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the banner Aashirvad Cinemas. The flick has received a U certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.38 hours.

Ittymaani: Made in China story: Manikkunnel Ittymaani (Mohanlal), who hails from Kunnamkulam, Thrissur, is the son of a prominent Chinese martial arts trainer. He is a reckless person who keeps landing into trouble. Born in China, he returns to Kunnamkulam at the age of 10. After his father's demise, he shoulders the responsibility of his family. The film is about the strong bond he shares with his mother.

Performance: Mohanlal has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the highlight of Ittymaani: Made in China. Radhika Sharathkumar, Siddique, KPAC Lalitha Salim Kumar, Madhuri Braganza, and Honey Rose have also done justice to their roles and are the assets of the film, says the audience.

Ittymaani: Made in China review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see the audience's response.

Dark Knight The Unpaid Critic @UnpaidCritic_

#IttymaaniMadeInChina #review Decent first half with humor, underwhelming interval,a decent 2nd half.#Mohanlal is the saving grace. One time watchable movie with a message.Cant call it the Onam winner but it is okay.2.5/5 ⭐ #ittimanimadeinchina #LoveActionDrama #brothersday

Abhishek Sreekumar @tweetwithabhi

First Half : Lalettan is smooth as butter when it comes to comic timing but the first half felt really long. Not sure what the movie is trying to establish through the plot. #IttymaaniMadeInChina

Riyas Alpha @riyasalpha

#IttymaaniMadeInChina : Interval : After A Slow Start , Complete #Lalettan Show , Fun Unlimited First Half Which Ends With An Unexpected Interval Block Overall A Funtastic First Half ✌️


#IttymaaniMadeInChina First Half Feel Good One!! Comedy Scenes Worked - Especially The Part Of #HarishKanaran & Pre - Interval Entry Of #Sidique Ikka was Good. @AjuVarghesee Superb Supporting! Towards 2nd Half @Mohanlal #Lalettan as usual energetic perfo ❣️

Forum Reelz @Forum_Reelz

#IttymaaniMadeInChina: Interval : After A Slow Start , Complete #Lalettan Show , Fun Unlimited First Half Which Ends With An Unexpected Interval Block Overall A Funtastic First Half ✌️

Friday Matinee @VRFridayMatinee

#IttymaaniMadeInChina - An average first half with some good comedies at parts. #Siddique is the standout. @Mohanlal - #Siddique scenes @Mohanlal 's MargamKali Scene Interval block fails to make an impact.

Snehasallapam (SS) @SSTweeps

#IttymaaniMadeInChina towards Interval: #Lalettan on fire Comedies Polichadukkal till now...! Heavy response inside theatre #IttymaaniMadeInChina Interval: Fun filled first half from #Lalettan & team Lalettan & Siddique Comedies Theatre Response for lalettan's Margam Kali is Interval Block Totally a fun packed first half If second half comes out well, then sure shot BB

Forum Reelz @Forum_Reelz

#IttymaaniMadeInChina: Review : Good First Half Followed By A Decent Second Half ✌️ #Lalettan Simply Outshined Others Good Debut By #JibiJoju Overall A Fun Filled Family Entertainer With A Message To The Society ✌️

Troll Garbage @Trollgarbage

#IttymaaniMadeInChina: Interval : Super Comedies, Good scenes and Better Interwel Lock First Half : 3/5 Overall A Super First Half ✌️ @Mohanlal #IttymaaniMadeInChina : Review : Super First Half Followed By An Above Average Second Half #Lalettan Performance Director #JibiJoju did Good work 2.75/5 Blockbuster Loading +Point #Ashirvad Distribution

Boxoffice Kerala @BOkerala

#IttymaaniMadeInChina First Half initial Response is Good .. ✌️ if this Response also get in Second Half ... Sure Shot Onam winner ... Waiting ...

Movie Trackers @movie_trackers

#IttymaaniMadeInChina Interval Good first half with rumours After a long time good comedy entertainer from #Lalettan. #JibiJoju #Mohanlal - #Siddique combo If continues the same momentum in 2nd half too, it will be the Onam winner @Mohanlal @MOHANLALFANZ

SecondShow Media ™ @2ndShowMedia

#IttymaaniMadeInChina First Half Fun Filled First Half With Good Comedies Ultimate Performance From @Mohanlal As #Ittymaani #HareeshKanaran #Siddique #SalimKumar Superb Combo Superb Fun Till Interval

Lalettanarmy @lalettanarmy

#ittymaanimadeinchina Ittymaani interval Fun filled first half Laletten siddique comb0 First half filled with rit mix of comdey and emotions Interval twist #ittymaani #laletten #mohanlal#ittymaanimadeinchina

Breaking Movies @BreakingViews4u

#ittymaanimadeinchina fun filled 1st half with @Mohanlal in rocking form. interesting interval scene.

Sabari Nath @SabariRocking

#IttymaaniMadeInChina Lalettan Interval Twist Climax Good one Complete Family + Comedy Entertainer

Malayalam BoxOffice @malyalammovieBO

#IttymaaniMadeInChina decent 1st half that's filled with a lot of humor. Starts slowly, but picks up after #Lalettan and #Siddique in full form Another Onam hit on cards

KeralaBoxofficeStats @kboxstats

#IttymaaniMadeInChina #Mohanlal Fun filled entertainer with strong emotional quotient in second half. Interval block Good debut by Jibi Joju duo. Addresses a social issue as well. Only negative felt is its duration and music. Most likely 'ONAM WINNER'. 3.75/5 BLOCKBUSTER

Imaginary Movies @ImaginaryMoviez

#ittymaanimadeinchina On the lines of munthirivallikal , jibi joju debut directorial offered a pucca family entertainer with a message, for this Onam season. With COMPLETE actor @Mohanlal in it, BLOCKBUSTER LOADING overdose of double meaning comedy could have been avoided