A sad piece of news from the Hollywood films and TV arena has made Potterheads (Harry Potter fans) emotional. Renowned actor Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid in the Harry Potter films franchise, passes away aged 72.

Harry Potter fame Robbie Coltrane passes away

All you need to know about his personal life

Robbie Coltrane was born Anthony Robert McMillan on March 30, 1950, in Glasgow, Scotland as the son of a doctor and teacher. After graduating from Glasgow Art School, he continued his studies in art at Moray House College of Education in Edinburgh.

Professional work

He began his career in comedy and theatre, and also he also made his mark with his impeccable acting in two James Bond films

Robbie Coltrane was featured in every Harry Potter movie, from Sorcerer's Stone in 2001 to Death Hallows -Part 2 in 2011, and was much beloved for bringing the character from J.K. Rowling's book series to life.

He was among one of the first characters to appear on screen, and he recited the famous line, "Yer a wizard, Harry," to a young Daniel Radcliffe as he embarked on his journey into the wizarding world.

In his illustrious career, he was also part of some of the finest of TV shows, for instance, Flash Gordon, Blackadder and Keep It in the Family. His other comedy shows included series like A Kick Up the Eighties, The Comic Strip and Alfresco as he became a mainstay on British TV screens.

Recent work

In 2019, Coltrane reprised his role as Hagrid in the fantasy short film Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Coltrane penned an autobiography, Coltrane in a Cadillac.

Ever since the news broke, fans and celebrities have taken to social media and expressed their deepest condolence to the actor who charmed millions of people with his magical acting.

Wizarding World: The official home of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, condoled the demise of Coltrane and wrote, "We are hugely saddened to hear of the passing of the magnificent Robbie Coltrane who played Hagrid with such kindness, heart and humour in the Harry Potter films. He was a wonderful actor, a friend to all and he will be deeply missed."

Harry Potter fandom pays heartfelt tribute to the late actor 

A user wrote, "Just heard the sad news of the passing Robbie Coltrane aged 72. A fine actor of film & tv, and also played the fantastic Valentin Zukovsky in two #JamesBond films GoldenEye & The World is Not Enough."

Another one mentioned, "R.I.P Robbie Coltrane our eternally beloved Hogwarts keeper Rubeus Hagrid in Harry Potter."

The third one wrote, "It's not Hogwarts without you, Hagrid."

"Rest In Peace. Thank you for giving us amazing memories", averred another.