Sharwanand on Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu 2
Sharwanand on Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu 2YouTube video

Guruva Reddy, the Managing Director of Sunshine Hospitals, says that it will take a lot of time for actor Sharwanand to recover from his shoulder injury, but he will definitely come back to acting soon.

Young Telugu actor Sharwanand injured his shoulder on Monday while performing a skydiving stunt in Bangkok. He was rushed back to Hyderabad for treatment in Sunshine Hospitals, where he successfully underwent surgery. He was shifted to the ICU at 5.00 pm and he will remain under the observation of the doctors for the next 4 days.

A team of four orthopaedic surgeons performed the surgery which lasted for nearly 11 hours. The surgery took four hours, another five hours were spent on plastic surgery and three and a half hours for observation.

The news about this accident came as a rude shock to Sharwanand's fans, who were concerned about his acting career. Dr Guruva Reddy has released a video message to talk about his medical condition and surgery. In this clip, the Managing Director of Sunshine Hospitals assured that he would soon come back to acting. Here is completely message shared on video.

I know Sharwanand from several years. He is now playing the hero in producer Gunnam Gangaraju's upcoming movie. So he is a family member for me. Unfortunately, his shoulder bone was fractured during the shooting of this film in Thailand. This bone was broken in four to five places.

Yesterday, my medical team consisting of Dr Kamalakar Dr Subramanyam, dr Chandrasekhar, plastic surgeon Dr Bhavani Prasad and anesthetist Dr Giridhar have set his bone right in surgery that went on for four hours in Sunshine Hospitals yesterday.

Since the bone was fractured in several places, it took a lot of time. The glad news is that the bone has been to join and heal soon. We trying to make his should work as it used to before.

Since it is right shoulder, there is a stiffness to recover fast. Sharwanand would soon comeback to entertain you through his acting. It takes some time. He will come back to acting through physiotherapy and he will entertain you with his dream roles.

He is healthy and there is nothing to worry about him. He has been shifted to ICU and he would be discharged in a couple of days. Later, he will undergo physiotherapy treatment and we will make efforts to bring back his shoulder to normal activity.