Neeraj Kabi

Renowned actor Neeraj Kabi has proved his mettle as an actor across all mediums namely Theatre, films and now on the web. He has been part of some of the best films ever. 

In fact, his last two projects on the web namely Paatal Lok and Avrodh has garnered a humongous response from fans and critics. However, he feels that he hasn't got that one role that he still aspires for. 

In a freewheeling exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Neeraj Kabi spoke at length about his role in Avrodh and why he feels he hasn't got his due in the industry till now.

Excepts from the conversation

On his role in Avrodh and how did he prepare for it?

I am always excited for all my shows. Avrodh is a tribute from me to the armed forces. My role is of a real and authentic government official, I play a National security advisor. It is almost like playing a biopic not of a human being but of a position that is held responsible by the people in the past. 

What per cent of reality and fiction be seen in Avrodh?

Avrodh is inspired by Shiv Aroors and Rahul Singh's book's first chapter. The authenticity of the screenplay and script is high because it is based on a true incident and real facts. Shiv and Rahul were in close collaboration with the armed force while they were writing the book to make the information authentic; this is what makes Avrodh so strong and genuine.

Neeraj KABI

You have been in the industry for years now, are you happy with the kind of roles you have been getting and do you think you have got your due?

It's difficult to say that I am happy. I have something in mind which I am moving towards as an actor. What I want to do and the kind of work I want to do, I haven't got it as yet or hasn't been offered to me. It will take some time for the industry to offer or write the role of such calibre. I cannot say I am happy. Over the years I have been able to pick and choose suitable roles. Yet I am not satisfied as by this time I should have been doing a  lot more content and lead roles. The kind of work I have given back to the industry, I always feel and wish I had gotten from them more than what I have deserved as yet.

Neeraj kabi

What are the roles or the kind of character that you have in mind?

That's only in my mind, that cannot be defined.