Actresses who got a chance to work with superstar Rajinikanth in recent years described the opportunity as a dream-come-true offer and "Kabali" was no exception for Radhika Apte, who calls her experience incredible.

"Kabali" is a gangster drama film, which revolves around the story of an aging gangster in Malaysia. The movie is all about his fight for the Tamil people in the country. Rajinikanth is seen playing the don, while Radhika Apte appears as his wife in the film, which has been written and directed by "Madras" fame Pa. Ranjith.

Talking to the Hindu, Radhika Apte spilled the beans on her role in "Kabali." She says the film is about her bonding with Rajini and she appears in two get-ups like young and old. "There's a lot of life in my character, with the whole plot revolving around our bond. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the young and old Kumudhavalli," she told the daily.

The actress was impressed with Ranjith's filmmaking in "Attakathi" and "Madras." Hence, she could not say no to the director when she received the offer. She is also happy to work with the Tamil superstar. "To be paired with Rajinikanth was incredible. He lived up to his image; he was an amazing person—simple in thought, easy in his manners, and friendly to a fault," Radhika said.

Radhika Apte, who is from Marathi community, says she did not much difficult in dealing with Tamil language. "The lines were given to me well in advance, as was an assistant to help me out. The unit was always professional, and it greatly helped that they treated me on par with the Superstar. That doesn't happen every day in the industry," she said.

Bollywood actress Radhika Apte forayed into Southern film industry with "Rakht Charitra I" in 2010. Later, she starred in Tamil films like "Dhoni" (2012) and "All in All Azhagu Raja" (2013) and Telugu films like "Legend" (2014) and "Lion" (2015). After working in Balakrishna's films, she had expressed her displeasure over the way the Southern filmmakers' treat the actresses.