Kangana Ranaut responded to backlash for asking some celebs to undergo drug test. She said that it is not her duty alone to clean Bollywood drug racket, but a collective responsibility to make it a public movement to make this nation drugs free and save youth.

Kangana Ranaut recently requested the government to clean Bollywood from drug abuse. Talking about it, professor Ashwani Mahajan tweeted, "BIG EXPOSE: Kangana Ranaut @KanganaTeam wants blood test of all film personalities before chosen for any national award. RIGHTFUL DEMAND, HOW CAN DRUG ADDICTS BE OUR ROLE MODELS #BollywoodDrugGang."

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut's sensational claims.Instagram

Responding to him, Kangana Ranaut urged some leading actors to take drug test. The actress wrote, "I request Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Ayan Mukerji, Vicky Kaushik to give their blood samples for drug test, there are rumours that they are cocaine addicts, I want them to bust these rumours, these young men can inspire millions if they present clean samples @PMOIndia."

Former Diplomat and Strategic Affairs Expert KC Singh mocked Kangana Ranaut for asking them to take test. He tweeted, "Wow that's either incredibly reckless or indeed brave. Why mark a copy to PMO? If they value their reputation this is plain & simple libel, as per IPC. Unless they fear a test & she knows that."

In her counter reply, Kangana Ranaut asked a series of questions to KC Singh. She tweeted, "Why are you overestimating yourself and underestimating me? If I have put my reputation and career at stake I must be knowing something, I am arguably the most successful actress today, why do you think I don't know the legal consequences of my actions?"

Kangana Ranaut
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Responding to KC Singh and Kangana Ranaut, a netizen named Rajnish CASSHYAP (@RajnishCasshyap) wrote, "@ambkcsingh firstly, if one knows something which is illegal as the IPC, then as a law abiding citizen it needs to be reported and FIR lodged.. Career, successful professional etc cannot be above the law of the land - purely my view to your tweet Madame."

In reply to Rajnish, Kangana Ranaut asked, "Is it my duty alone to clean Bullywood drug racket? Or is it our collective responsibility to make it a public movement to make this nation drugs free and save a large percentage of our youth succumbing to this evil, I risked my life and reached out, aap bhi toh kuch karo na "