Mohit Arora
Mohit AroraPR Handout

Mohit Arora, M.D pf Supertech Limited is building new possibilities to overcome odds in real estate industry.

Many say when you are born with a silver spoon, you need not have to worry about anything, but it's not true. Mohit feels it adds extra responsibility to prove oneself and make some better improvements to take the business forward. After all, people know your work, not name. So He never takes things lightly in life.

Mohit Arora is techno-friendly person, and he knows how to take real estate business forward and, he has proved that in the decade after his joining in real estate business Supertech growth has doubled. He has managed things beautifully, even slowdown in real estate has not stopped him, and his company grow.

Mohit loves to meet people, meetings and explore different places which have helped him a lot to grow in the real estate business. He feels meeting different people gives him ideas and energy to do something out of the box things. He also loves to bring technology in real estate business as he believes now all the real estate companies have to focus on technology and bring techno-friendly projects to attract consumers in all small and big projects.

Other than business, he is a fitness freak. Mohit loves to travel different places to free himself from work, he feels it's necessary to take a break as after a certain period it helps you refresh in your life, and it gives you boost and new ideas for your work.