The militant group Islamic State (ISIS) has released a propaganda video showing Syrian soldiers digging their own graves before they are executed.
The war with the Islamic State (ISIS) militants was predicted 1,300 years ago and that Muslims will ultimately prevail, jihadists claim.Screenshot / al-Hayat Media

The current war waged by the deadly Islamic State militants was predicted by scriptures 1,300 years ago, which also hints at a complete destruction of others and the ultimate victory of Islam – something that jihadists refer to in order to justify killings -- reports say.

The centuries old hadith, romanticised by ISIS militants, warns of a battle between an Islamic army and an 'infidel horde' in Syria, further heralding an apocalypse. The hadith, which is a report on Prophet Mohammed's teaching, talks about the 'horde' flying 80 banners as they take on a Muslim army in the Syrian town of Dabiq.

It also warns of a 'malahim' – equivalent to Christian Armageddon – which ends at the ultimate victory of Muslims, Daily Mail reported.

The prophecy is said to be an essential part of the ideologies involved in Islamic State's propaganda and is being used a tool to lure more jihadists while giving them 'proof' that they are in the midst of history. Some ISIS supports have even started referring to the current situation in Iraq and Syria as the actualization of the prediction, reports have noted.

While the hadith poses that the 'infidel horde' trying to destroy the Islamic 'army' will be flying 80 banners, the particular reference has been interpreted in their own way. Militants think that the 80 banners refers to a coalition of 80 countries in the world, who are currently joining hands in their aim to annihilate the deadly Sunni hardliner militant outfit.

Supporters seem to be sufficiently convinced that the prophecy will come true with one person saying on Twitter: "Dabiq will happen for certain...The US and its allies will descent on Syria once they see that the air campaign has failed. That is a promise by God and his Messenger."

Another Twitter member said: "The lions of Islam have raised by banner of the Caliphate in Dabiq. Now they await the arrival of the Crusader army."

The United States last month started an aerial invasion into the bases of Islamic State in Syria in the wake of brutal killings of two American citizens and one Briton in gruesome videos showing their beheading.