Isis fighters inside Yarmouk camp
Representational ImageISIS Media/Twitter

The Islamic State has fallen to new levels of depravity, going by the revelation by an Iraqi official that Isis soldiers booby-trapped a baby and blew it up during a training session in Iraq's Salahuddin. 

Isis reportedly used the baby of a civilian it had executed earlier for the training session, and after strapping it with explosives, the fighters killed the infant using a remote as dozens of Isis men watched, according to

"The booby-trapping of the baby was a training mission for Isis to teach its elements the booby-trapping mechanisms. The organisation does not care for the most basic human values," Sadiq al-Husseini, head of the security committee in Iraq's Diyala province, told the Iraqi media. 

"The available information indicate that Isis brought a baby, the son of a civilian (who) was executed a few weeks ago under the charges of killing Isis militants, in one of the training camps near Sharqat northern Salahuddin. The organisation booby-trapped and blew up the child in front of dozens of Isis militants by a remote," the Iraqi official said. 

The Islamic State's use of children as fighters is known, but this is the first time that the use of a baby by the group for bobby-trap training has been reported.

Isis has often shown children executing prisoners in several videos, and it refers to them as the "Cubs of the Caliphate". 

The Islamic State also recently kidnapped hundreds of children to use them for suicide attacks.