A dud Tomahawk missile will be used for making car bombs by ISIS
As ISIS terrorist warn of using Nuclear weapons, they are reportedly transferring phosphate from Iraq to Syria for making explosives.Homs ISIS Media

After news made rounds online that the Islamic State militants (ISIS) possess "nuclear devices," latest reports suggest the dreaded jihadists are now boasting of how a "dirty bomb" could destroy London. 

Reported to have been developed by using radioactive uranium stolen from Iraq's Mosul University after seizing the city last June, the infamous fanatics are planning to use the devices in order to spread terror in the Western countries, whom they have always accused of ill-treating Muslims.

The outfit is now boasting of the havoc the bomb would unleash if blown up in London, although security measures are said to be so tight that it would be almost impossible to bring those devices to the UK or any other countries, British Tabloid Mirror notes.

Meanwhile, as the fear of ISIS possessing nuclear weapons is increasingly getting apparent, the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights reported on Sunday that the jihadists were surreptitiously transferring phosphate raw material from Iraq to Syria's Raqqa. Although there is no official word on why phosphate was being transferred, it can be noted that the material can often be used to make explosives.

"The terrorist entity of ISIS has taken control of the phosphate facility at al-Qaem and is transferring raw material of phosphate to Raqqa in Syria," the ministry said in a statement on its website, as reported by Al Arabiya News.

Al-Qaem is located some 400 km northwest of Baghdad and has been Iraq's main source of fertilizer. In 2011, the US Geological Survey had said that Iraq had "world-class" reserves of phosphate, the world's second biggest after Morocco, reports the Financial Times.

This also comes as other reports claim that the United Nations Security Council has warned that ISIS has enough weapons, artillery, and vehicles to keep fighting continuously for six months to two years. It has also warned President Barack Obama that ISIS has nuclear weapons the supply of which can last up to two years.

The so called "dirty bomb" that the militants are currently bragging about is said to be a radiological weapon that combines radioactive material with conventional explosives and it is speculated that the device includes uranium from a stash of about 40 kilograms looted by the terrorists from Mosul.