Delhi Police Special Cell has traced the threat emails to cricketer-turned-parliamentarian Gautam Gambhir and senior journalist Aditya Raj Kaul to one 'Shahid Hameed' in Karachi, Pakistan. Delhi Police Special Cell retrieved this information after it had written to Google with email headers to seek details of the origin of the emails.

Earlier this week, Gautam Gambhir had received an email account claiming to be from "ISIS Kashmir" threatening that he and his family would be killed. Around the same time, Aditya Raj Kaul received three emails threats, wherein the senders threatened to behead and kill him for being vocal against ISIS and their terror activities.

On November 24th, Gautam Gambir had received another email along with a video of Gautam's New Delhi residence, which was taken from a park in front of it.

Email account claiming to be ISIS Kashmir threatens BJP MP Gautam Gambhir, his family; security tightened outside home

Meanwhile, a Pakistani journalist staying abroad who has frequently exposed Pakistan Army and ISI links with terror groups has also received several emails both from 'ISIS Kashmir' as well as 'Shahid Hameed' around the same time on November 23rd. The journalist has requested to keep her identity hidden.

While Gambhir has been vocal against terrorism sponsored by Pakistan, Kaul hails from Kashmir and has reported on Pakistani and Kashmiri terror groups and their links with Pakistan deep state over decades.

Hours ahead of sending threats to Gautam Gambhir and Kaul, ISIS mouthpiece in the region 'Voice of Hind' had released a fresh magazine issue with a computer-generated photograph of Lord Shiva with a beheaded head and an ISIS flag unfurling over it.

The ISIS mouthpiece also writes in detail in the magazine on how lone wolf attacks can be carried out by ISIS sympathizers without getting noticed or catching the attention of the police.

PAK's ISI behind it all

Anti Pak

Investigations so far have revealed that 'Shahid Hameed' and 'ISIS Kashmir' are fake identities created on November 23rd itself by Pakistan ISI for this psychological operation to instill fear and propaganda in India.

"We have traced the origin of the emails. The IP address has been traced to Karachi in Pakistan. These are classic ISI spy ops to create panic and fear. We are doing a deeper analysis to understand their aim and prevent future such attacks," a senior officer assisting in the probe revealed.

The security agencies however aren't taking chances and have meanwhile increased the security for Gambhir and Kaul. J&K Police and NIA are also looking into the matter independently.