ISIS burning alive
Isis parading captured Kurdish soldiers inside cages in a videoTwitter

 The Islamic State is set to execute at least 17 Kurdish fighters in a similar brutal manner as it killed Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh -- burning them alive in a cage. 

In a new video released on ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts, the Peshmerga fighters are seen in the characteristic orange jumpsuits being paraded around the Iraqi town of Kirkuk while in their cages, an uncanny reminder of the grisly video showing the execution of Kaseasbeh, in which he was put inside a cage and then set on fire. 

The new four-minute video suggests a similar fate for the Peshmerga fighters, in what is seen as a retaliation to the Kurdish offensive against the terror group that has led to the death of several of its fighters. 

The burning alive of the Kurdish fighters is a possible revenge tactic by ISIS after reports of Kurdish forces dragging bodies of the jihadists through streets in the Kurdistan region of Iraq emerged, according to The Daily Mail

The stills from the disturbing video were shared on Twitter, showing the fighters being jeered at in their cages by a crowd as they are paraded by their ISIS captors. 

Rudaw English, a Kurdish online newspaper also shared the pictures on its Twitter account. 

The Islamic State had also burned alive three Iraqi civilians following the burning video of Kaseasbeh, indicating that the terror group will resort to more such shocking executions, after having executed several hostages by beheading in the past months.