Isis has released a new video in which it claims to have beheaded a Russian 'spy'. The video, released online, shows the confession and beheading of a man said to have arrived in Isis territory through Turkey on assignment with Russia's Security Service, the FSB.

The video, whose authenticity has not been verified, is shot indoors and shows a man in the iconic Isis orange jumpsuit identifying himself as 23-year-old Magomed Khasiev from Gronzy in Russia's Republic of Chechnya. He then speaks of how he was recruited by FSB and penetrated terrorist position in Syria, according to

"I departed from the Krasnodar airport [in Russia ] to the city of Istanbul. In Istanbul, I was met by a person who is involved in trafficking people from Turkey to Islamic State. After spending a few days at his apartment – sometime around August 26, 2014 – I arrived on the territory of Islamic State," the victim ays in the video. 

The video then switches to an outdoor space where an Isis terrorist threatens Russia and Vladimir Putin with attacks on Russian soil. The jihadist then appears to cut the prisoner's throat with a knife and behead him, said..

Moscow has not reported that any of its citizens are held by Islamic State. The SITE monitoring group said the video was from Raqqa province,  the headquarters of Isis in northern Syria.

The video is titled "You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians." Russian government and FSB have not responded to the video.