Malayalis killed in Syria
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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists are known to release gory footages of the group beheading captured soldiers and anyone it believes is a threat. And the latest video released on December 4 shows a Syrian Air Force pilot being burnt alive about 18 months after he was captured.

Azzam Eid was captured by ISIS in April 2016 when his Syrian Arab Air Force MiG 23 was shot down by the terrorists. ISIS had since kept him captive and on Monday released a video that shows Eid in an orange jumpsuit, his head clean shaven and a chain around his neck, which is held by a terrorist, reported the Daily Mail.

Eid is then tied to a tree and set ablaze and he can reportedly be heard screaming in the video.

While the video was released on Monday, it is not known when Eid was actually killed and ISIS hasn't commented on the details yet. This is the second time that the group has burnt a pilot and ISIS chiefs have earlier reportedly said that they chose this specific method especially for pilots as a revenge for the destruction that their plane's bomb attacks cause on the ground.

In April 2016, ISIS had burnt another pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh alive in a cage and posted videos of the same. Al-Kassasbeh had been captured after the terror group shot down a Russian-built aircraft, which had taken off from an airbase near Damascus. The terrorists said that the pilot had been captured from Hama.

The terror group is known to release gut-wrenching videos like these and in the past have shown the beheading of several soldiers, journalists, and suspected spies. Meanwhile, the torture meted out isn't restricted to foreigners and ISIS is known to punish behead people from Syria as well. It has in the past beheaded women on suspicion of witchcraft, stoned them for adultery and also thrown "gay men" off a tower in Mosul.

The terror group has also killed its own soldiers in the past.