The Islamic State (Isis) has reportedly launched an application on Android to spread 'news' and 'videos' from its region, in the latest such use of technology to propagate its ideology across the world. 

Isis supporters and jihadists have been distributing the new Android app, according to Site Intel Group, which monitors online jihadi activities. 

The app reportedly categorises information under headings such as 'photos reports', 'daily al-Bayan Radio news bulletins', and 'video productions'. 

An activist posted images of the Isis app on social media. 

Under the 'News' section, the application claims to share 'news of the Islamic State-Khilafa on Prophetic Methodology'.  

It is not clear if Isis will upload its gory videos of executions and beheadings on the app. 

This seems to be yet another systematic use of technology and the Internet by the Islamic State to propagate its ideology and reach out to its sympathisers around the world. 

Isis is known to have effectively used Twitter and other social media not only for propaganda but also to recruit fighters and deliver the group's statements. 

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