Isis reopens Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul for its top leaders.
Isis reopens Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul for its top leaders.ISIS Media/Twitter

The news that the Islamic State (Isis) militants have reopened a 5-star hotel in Mosul kept social media users busy as some suggested that "Draw the Prophet" contest should be organised at 'Hotel Caliphornia'.

The actual name of the hotel is Ninawa International, but many on social media now call it the 'Hotel Caliphornia' or 'Hotel Shariaton'.

A few social media trolls took to the Tripadvisor page for Ninawa International Hotel and asked if they can get Kosher meals or host a "Draw Prophet Mohammad" competition there.

"Can I inquire the manager on hosting my second annual Mohammad drawing contest here?" one user, who goes by the name of BlastedCannon, wrote on the TripAdvisor page. Another user, Griezzell G from Pakistan, wanted to know "if I am beheaded, will the rest of my party get their room comped?" 

Similarly, a user who goes by the name of Madonna C from California wanted to book the hotel for Lady Gaga. "I trust you will be able to extend your famous hospitality to her," she said.

Late on Tuesday, reports emerged that Isis had renovated an 11-storey, 262-room hotel, located near al-Ghabat forest, on the banks of River Tigris in Mosul.

The five star hotel, which used to be famous for its Casino and Presidential suite, will now be used by Isis top commanders and will operate under strict Sharia law, with a ban on dancing, gambling, and smoking.

But those who flout the ban will face beheading for sure, reported The Express.

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Joel Keith Day ‏@JoelKDay 

Guys, seriously, next vacation spot? ISIS opens 'Hotel Shariaton' in Mosul

Sreeraj Menon ‏@sreeraj_menon 

ISIL opens 5-star 'Hotel Caliphornia' in Mosul; what's served? infidels & mutton stew?

JT ‏@cbinflux

ISIL opens 5-star 'Hotel Caliphornia' in Mosul for its commanders; Presidential Suite reserved for Hussein Obama

Naomi Elana Zener ‏@satiricalmama

For the record, this is NOT the Hotel California that @TheEaglesBand sang about

Mike Morrison ‏@MikeKMorrison 

Mike Morrison retweeted Andrew Kaczynski
"It's always Sunni in Mosul", "Hotel Caliphornia", "Holy Way Inn", "The Shariaton"