Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)
The militant group, Islamic State (ISIS), are selling children kidnapped in Iraq and Syria to Israelis, reports say. [representational image].Reuters

The infamous militant group, Islamic State, are selling children kidnapped in Iraq and Syria to Israelis, an unconfirmed report circulating online claims.

Members of the deadly Sunni Hardliner outfit, previously known as ISIS, have been involved in the heinous activity through intermediaries in Turkey. They are selling the kidnapped children to Muslims within Israel who are apparently seeking to increase their population relative that of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Labanese news channel Al-Mayadeen said according to a report in Spanish Hispan TV.

The authenticity of the reports cannot be independently verified but they come in the wake of an Iraqi official claiming that the terrorist members allegedly "rob" Iraqi children and have their organs removed while their weak bodies are still kept alive, the Spanish news channel noted citing Iraqi news sources.

In the latest revelation, the unnamed source to Al-Mayadeen reportedly said that the ISIS members traded the kidnapped children with Israelis and that the acts of kidnapping were performed in Syrian territories before transferring them to Turkey where dealers take them to Tel Aviv.

The source also reportedly said that Israeli families pay a huge price to the militants while purchasing these children, adding that an Israeli lawyer, who reportedly enjoyed support from the extremists, managed the smuggler group that takes Muslim children to the Israeli territories.

Last week, a member of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq, al-Qaravi Fazel told local media that the group smuggle children from the streets of Iraq while also perpetrating unimaginable atrocities on them such as cutting off some of their organs.

"They sell these human organs in black market in Syria and Turkey," Al-Qaravi said in an interview with the Iraqi newspaper 'Al-Sabaah', Hispan TV notes without elaborating further on how they profit from the gory trade.

There has been no official confirmation on the news but the brutal extremist group has lately triggered a global frenzy and consternation with demonstration of deadly crimes such as beheading, mass shooting, raping, and also luring Westerners into joining their cause of 'jihad'.