Civilians return to their village after it was liberated from Islamic State militants, south of Mosul, Iraq October 21, 2016.Reuters

A woman from Syria has claimed that the Islamic State (ISIS) kneaded around 250 children to death in baking machines and put Christians in oven in Syria.

The woman, Alice Assaf, said that her son George Assaf was killed by the Islamic State militants after he did not agree to be identified with a Muslim name. The mother claims that although her son was beaten to death and later shot, the others along with him suffered an unimaginable fate.

Alice recounted that her suburb was attacked two years ago by ISIS, and her family was forced to seek refuge in the house of a Muslim neighbour during the time.

"Later on, we heard that the militants grabbed six strong men working at the bakery and burned them inside the oven. After that, they caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine," Alice said in an interview with Roads of Success.

Alice also added that when the Syrian army attempted to intervene in the horrendous incident, the militants began throwing children as young as four years of age from the balconies to try to scare the army soldiers away.

The mother said that she pleaded with her son George to change his name to a Muslim one but he refused to do it and said that he does not want to hide himself or his faith."They took him to a backyard to shoot and kill him. They killed him because his name was 'George'," Alice said.

Although Alice succeeded in fleeing from the region, her son was buried in mass grave and she does not know the whereabouts of his body till now.

The Islamic State militants had taken control of swaths of Syria and Iraq committing massacres, sexual enslavement of women and genocide of religious deviants. An offensive by the Iraqi government is ongoing against the ISIS militants to retake Mosul, which is one of the last major strongholds of the terror group.