The Islamic State (Isis) terror group has some 80,000 foreign fighters from some 80 countries currently living in Iraq and Syria, Russia has revealed.

The Sunni terror group, which wants to establish a Muslim kingdom across the globe, has attracted followers from some 80 countries, who have left their homes and jobs to fight for Isis in Syria and Iraq.

According to a top Russian intelligence official, there are 30,000 Isis jihadists in Iraq and 50,000 in Syria. He also said that there are 7,000 militants from various states, which once part of the Soviet Union.

Yevgeny Sysoyev, the deputy leader of Russia's FSB security services, formerly known as KGB during the Soviet-era told state-run TASS that Isis now controls 40% of the area in Iraq and 50% in Syria.

There are Isis supporters from 80 countries, who are currently in Syria and Iraq, Sysoyev said.

Citizens of "France, Great Britain, Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, the US, Canada, as well as Russia and other [Commonwealth of Independent States] countries" are part of Isis, he said.

The highest number of Isis fighters but are from Middle East and North Africa, he added.